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House Brands
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Too High?: Easy Ways to Get Back on the Level

Nearly every cannabis user has had a time where they got too high for their comfort level. This week, we've got some tips that can help bring you back to Earth.

A Good Night’s Sleep: How Cannabis Influences Restorative Sleep

An examination into how cannabis helps balance restorative sleep patterns and its effect on promoting focused wakefulness.

Cannabis Therapy: 4 Easy Ways to Utilize Cannabinoid Acids

From juicing raw plants to transdermal patches, there are several methods for incorporating cannabinoid acids into your cannabis therapy regimen.

Cannabinoid Acids & Their Unique Benefits

Learn about the major cannabinoid acids like THCA, CBDA, CBGA and more. Find out what they bring to the table when incorporated into your cannabis regimen.

First Look: THCSD’s Must-Have List for January 2021

Check out some of the latest drops at THCSD with this overview of January 2021's must-have products in flower & vape carts from some of California's favorite brands.

ECLIPSCRS 2018 Rear View Mirror 699219

THCSD is undergoing a massive store expansion & we're here to let you know all of the benefits you can expect for your next visit to San Diego's favorite dispensary.

The Entourage Effect: Elevate Your Experience

The entourage effect explains the synergistic dance cannabis components play once they enter the body & begin to express their healing properties in harmony.

LOT: 2 CoolerBrightz Waterproof Cooler Color Changing Can Shaped

An exploration of the many components found in cannabis that contribute to creative expression, and how to use them to best effect.

Cannabis & Your Brain: The Fascinating Effects of Cannabinoids

A simple attempt to explain the biology behind what we believe is happening to your brain when cannabinoids play with the cells of your gray matter.

Perfecting Your Ideal Dose of Cannabis

A guide to calculating a dose with one of the oldest, most effective & safest medicines; walking you through the basics of establishing a cannabis regimen.

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